Trust Care
Trust Care


Acidifier antibacterial and growth promotor

Compositions: each 1 liter contains




Yeast extract (m.o.s.)              (20 gm)                                                                               

Lactic acid       (98%)

100 gm

Ascorbic acid (99%)

10 gm

Citric acid       (99%)

20 gm

Sorbic acid      (98%)

25 gm

Formic acid     (98%)

150 gm

Acetic acid       (92%)

140 gm

Propionic acid  (99%)


Amonium formate (67%)

240 gm

Amonium propionate (25%)

50 gm

Propylene gylcol


50 gm

Copper sulphate

70 gm

Water       up to

1 liter


Properties: Highly effective compound containing a mixture of many organic acids with a powerful synergistic effect and each acid has its special action


-         Control of gm –ve bacteria as E.coli & salmonella.

-         Control of gm +ve bacteria as clostridia.

-         Control the fungal growth.

-         Control mycotoxicosis.

-         Improves the physiological function of liver and kidney.

-         Improves the digestibility and absorption of the nutrients.

-         Work as acidifier.

DOSAGE:   1 ml/liter of drinking water for 3:5 days

Packaging: 1 Liter

Storage: store in a dark & dry place