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Carnetol plus....liver tonic


Liver and kidney tonic, improves fat metabolism, prevents fatty liver syndrome


Composition: Each 1 Liter contains:




L Carnitine  

30 gm


20 gm


40 gm


150 gm

Choline Chloride

25 gm


500 mg

Folic acid

1250 mg

Vit. B1

3000 mg

Vit. B2

2500 mg

Vit. B6

2000 mg

Vit. B12                                                  

20 mg

Purified water up to





Carnetol plus: stimulates the regenerative processes of tissues, stabilizes metabolic processes. It has anabolic effect, decreases cholesterol level, prevents osteoporosis and apoptosis, increases appetite and activates the metabolism of fats. Silymarin: Plays an important role in hepatic protein synthesis and improves liver cell regeneration, increases productive and reproductive performances and Improves health status of the flock.




ü  Regenerates hepatocytes and Prevents accumulation of fat in the liver and improves hepatic functions


ü  Enhances weight gain and general performance


ü  Improves feed utilization and overcomes circumstances due to feed change


ü  Improves quality and maintains integrity of hoof horns


ü  Improves nutrients assimilation through stimulation of biliary function 


ü  Encourages elimination of toxic minerals and chemicals  from the body


ü  Improves kidney functions


ü  Induces diuresis




Poultry: 1 ml/ liter of drinking water for 3-5 days


Cattel and Horses: 20 – 50 ml / head/day


Sheep and goat: 10 – 15 ml / head / day


Dogs and cats: 2-3 ml / animal daily


Storage:  Keep in a cool, dry and dark place


Package: 1 Liter


Shelf life: 24 years