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Dermanil for Control of Ecto and Endo-parasites

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Dermanil for Control of Ecto and Endo-parasites


Dermanil is an organic compound originated from the nature, used for controlling of external parasites (Red mite, fleas, lice, dark beetle)

What client say

Dermanil is an organic compound, it is a diatomaceous earth-based product enriched

Dermanil  a safe and effective method for treatment of ectoparasites: red Mite, lice, fleas and flies. Dermanil damages the waxy cuticle on the mite’s surface, allowing them to dehydrate and die. Essential oils complex of dermanil are rapidly absorbed after dermal or oral administration and cross the blood-brain barrier and interact with receptors in the central nervous system, inhibit release of acetylcholinesterase which is essential for insects for their activity and synaptic transmission.

It is entirely safe for both owners and their birds, and the mites die within 2-3 times of its application.


Dermanil used as powder or in a suspension form to for a biofilm on the coops and batteries.