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Agrical....Superior mineral mixture with amino acids

Agrical….Superior mineral mixture with amino acids


  • Nutritional imbalance
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Multiple Stress
  • Irregular Oestrue Cycle
  • Improves fertility of cattle and buffalo especially in winter


  • AGRICAL powder is a superior mineral mixture with essential Amino acids. It’s essential minerals and combination of multi vitamins ensures balance feed and enhances performance. It is the most economical mineral mixture compared to the competitive brands available in the market

Composition: Each 1 kg contains:

  • Calcium 30%
    phosphorous 10%
    Copper Sulphate 315Mg

    Cobalt sulphate 45MG

    Iodin 150mg

    Zinc 2.5gm

    Fe(Iron) Sulphate 1000Mg

    Magnesium 230 gm
    L Lysine  4.50gm
    D L Methionine 2.10gm
    Sodium Chloride 10%


  • To be mixed with feed daily or as directed by veterinarianCow, Buffalos, Horse & Cattle: 50 gm / Day/ 10 daysCalves, Goats, Sheep: 25 to 30 gm / Day/10 days


  • Keep in a dry, cool and dark place


  • 1 kg, 2 kg bucket


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Shelter pharma is a fast growing human and veterinary medicines producer in India, specialized in manufacturing of different dosage forms such as injectables, water soluble powder, solutions and capsules or bolus form