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Bormint spary .....Mastitis and arthritis

Bormint spary …..Mastitis and arthritis


  • Cases of udder fibrosis and mastitis due staph, strept, E.Coli infections in Cattle, sheep and goatCases of sprains, arthritis and muscular rheumatism in livestock animals, pets and horses

Composition : Each 100 ml contains :

Menthol oil10 g
Camphor oil2 g
Boric acid5 g
Lanolin2 g
Excipients up to100 ml


  • Udder mastitis: clean the udder with warm water then dry it carefully. Spray Bormint on the inflamed udder and gently rub, repeat every milking until inflammation subsides, and udder cures
  • Sprains, Arthritis, and muscular rheumatism: Thoroughly cleanse and dry area of skin to be treated. Spray Bormint on the affected area and gently rub, repeat twice daily   until inflammation subsides and ill joint cures


  •  keep in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight

Shelf life:

  • 3 years


Shelter pharma-India

Shelter pharma is a fast growing human and veterinary medicines producer in India, specialized in manufacturing of different dosage forms such as injectables, water soluble powder, solutions and capsules or bolus form