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E-Selen inj.....improves fertility

E-Selen inj…..improves fertility

  • Treatment and prevention of diseases caused by deficiency of vitamin E and selenium

Composition : Each 100 ml contains: :

Vit. E5000 mg
Sodium selenite50 mg

Pharmacological properties :

  •  E-selen compensates for vitamin E and selenium deficiency in animal organism.
  •  Vitamin E regulates redox processes and affects carbohydrate-lipid exchange, enhances effects of vitamin A and vitamin D3, affects immune system and general resistance
  • Biological role of selenium is explained by its antioxidant properties. Selenium helps to remove toxic substances from animal organism, thus, improving their immune system.
  • Application of this drug leads to quick increase of vitamin E and selenium concentrations and normalization of metabolic processes.

Drug usage procedure:

  • E-selen is used as a preventative and curative measure against diseases caused by deficiency of vitamin E and selenium (such as white-muscle disease, traumathic myositis, cardiopathy and massive liver necrosis) as well as stresses and stressful situations, dysfunctions of reproductive function and fetal development, growth inhibition and insufficient weight gain, contagious and invasive diseases, preventative vaccinations and dehelminthization and various poisonings (nitrate, heavy metal, mycotoxin).
  • E-selen shall be applied intramuscularly or sub-dermally (for horses, only intramuscularly) once per 2-4 months as a preventative measure; once per 7-10 days as curative measure with dose being as follows:


  • For the sake of convenient application of small volumes of E-selen, it can be diluted with sterile water or saline solution and thoroughly mixed afterwards.
  • If necessary, the curative dose of E-selen can be increased by 1.5 times and up to 5 times for selenium-deficient regions.
  • Overdose of E-selen may lead to toxic effects, thus maximal dose for one animal shall not exceed the following value: 20 ml for horses, 15 ml for cows, 5 ml for sheep, goats and pigs (antidotes – unitiol, sodium thiosulfate, methionine).

Storage :

  •  The drug shall be stored in original package in a dry shadowed place within the temperature range from 4 to 25 °C.

Shelf life :

  • 2 years since the date of production, if all terms of storage are observed.
  • E-selen shall not be used after expiration of its shelf life.


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