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Hydral.... Rehydrating electrolytes for animals

Hydral…. Rehydrating electrolytes for animals


  • Rehydrating therapy for animals with scour, reversing the process of dehydration, electrolytes loss and acidosis associated with scour in calves, lambs and kids, regardless the causative agent is bacteria, viruses, Cryptosporidium or nutritional.

Composition: Each 100 g contains:

Sodium citrate dehydrate5 g
Sodium Acetate trihydrate4 g
Sodium propionate2.5 g
Sodium chloride5.5 g
Potassium chloride3.5 g
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate1.5 g
Glucose anhydrous75 g
Sunset yellow100 mg
Silica colloidal anhydrous3 g

Route of administration:

  • Prepare a fresh solution before each dose by mixing the contents of a single sachet with 2 liters of warm water
  • Upon the first signs of scour, withdraw milk or milk replacer and feed 2 liters of solution twice daily for 2 days (4 feeds), for the next 2 days (4 feeds) use 1 liter of solution and 1 liter of milk or milk replacer, then resume normal feeding
  • In sever scour we may extend the days of treatment into 4 days


  •  keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Shelf life:

  • 2 years


  • 100 g sachet


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