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Nitamin inj.....Multi-vitamins, general tonic, increases milk production

Nitamin inj…..Multi-vitamins, general tonic, increases milk production

  • Treatment and prevention of vitamin deficiency and normalization of animal metabolism during stress, decrease of productivity and additional loads

Composition : Each 100 ml contains :

Vit. A5 000 000 IU
Vit. D3500 000 IU
Vit. E5000 mg
Vit. C10 000 mg

Pharmacological properties :

  • Nitamin compensates for vitamin deficiency in animal organism.
  • Vitamin A regulates structure, function and regeneration of epithelial tissues, thus increasing resistance against infection. Increased doses of Vitamin A prevent weight reduction and promote metabolism.
  •  Vitamin D3 regulation calcium and phosphor exchange and affects their absorption to gastrointestinal system, it decreases the chance of rickets formation.
  •   Vitamin E regulates redox processes and affects carbohydrate-lipid exchange and enhances effects of vitamin A and vitamin D3
  •  Vitamin C is important for normal growth and increases protective function of animal organism.
  •  Application of this drug leads to quick increase of vitamin concentration in blood and vitamin accumulation in liver and other tissues, thus fully satisfying their supply for 2 months.

Drug usage procedure:

  • Nitamin is used for prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiency and normalization of animal metabolism during stress, decrease of productivity and additional loads such as: pregnancy (only second half) and lactation; dysfunctions of reproductive function; transportation; diet change for fattening animals; growth inhibition and insufficient weight gain; contagious and invasive diseases; veterinary operations including preventative vaccinations and dehelminthization, surgical operations and injuries; diminished performance and decreased durability of hen’s egg shell.
  • The drug shall be applied intramuscularly or subdermally once per 4-8 weeks and orally together with potable water or feed once per month. If the drug is applied as a curative measure, its dose and number of application shall be increased by 2-3 times. For chickens and pullets the drug shall be applied once, for laying hens it shall be applied twice with 2 weeks interval.
  • The drug dosage depends on type and age of animals and method of application. For poultry, the drug is applied orally with potable water. In case of oral application, the drug shall be added to feed or potable water (it should be noted that the drug shall be added to water, not otherwise, and stirred thoroughly). The drug shall be diluted gradually. Contact between Nitamin solution and disinfectants or oxidizers shall be avoided.
  • Recommended doses of veterinary drug depending of animal type, age and method of application, are as follows:


Type and age of animalIntramuscular or subdermal, ml per 10 kg of animal weight
Bovine cattle, horses0.2-0.25
calves, colts0.2-0.5
Sheep, goats0.5-0.8
Dogs and cats0.2-0.3
Rabbits, fur animals0.6-1.0
  • Before mass treatment, each drug series is first tested on a small group of animals (7-10 subjects) in order to exclude possibility of adverse effects.


  •  The drug shall be stored in original package in a dry shadowed place within the temperature range from 4 to 25 °C.

Shelf life:

  • 18 months since the date of production, if all terms of storage are observed. Nitamin shall not be used after expiration of its shelf life


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