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Alkal....urinary alkalizer and body acid neutralizer

Alkal….urinary alkalizer and body acid neutralizer


  • Alkal is a highly concentrated, palatable solution of sodium and potassium citrates in buffer form.
  • It is specially designed for athletes to extend their period at top form.

Composition : Each 1 liter contains :

Sodium citrate100 g
Potassium citrate75 g
Citric acid50 g
Sodium bicarbonate50 g
Sucrose440 g
Purified water up to1 liter
Tartaric acid20 g

Dosage and Administration:

  • Administer once or twice daily in feed, water or by stomach tube
  • Horses: 50 to 75 mL / animalHorses suffering dehydration require supplementary salt: 25 to 50 g.
  • Dogs: 2 to 4 mL /animal in hard training.
  • Cats: 1-2 ml / animalEnsure an adequate supply of clean drinking water is available at all times.
  • Poultry: 1 ml / liter of drinking water for 3-5 days


  •   Use of Alkal provides a ready preventive & remedial treatment for dehydration, tying up (azoturia), acidosis, & haemoconcentration.
  •   It assists in maintaining correct acid and salt balance in the body, and helps to ensure that the transport of fuel materials and the oxygen necessary for their most effective use are kept at the high levels necessary for peak performance.
  •   Alkal contains citrates to aid in neutralizing acidic products of metabolism which may accumulate in the body following strenuous exercise and cause “tying up” or cramped muscles following heavy training programs.
  •   The urinary alkalizing effect can aid specific treatment of certain diseases of the urinary tract.
  •   A source of sodium and potassium ions to aid restoration of electrolyte ion balance after losses due to sweating.


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