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Trucool-C ...increases vitality and animal's body potency

Trucool-C …increases vitality and animal’s body potency


  • Used as a source of electrolytes after hard training or racing
  • Used as energy source before training or racing, increases animal potency
  • Overcomes loss of electrolytes as in case of edema in trypanosomiasis
  •  Increases body vitality (vitamin C)

Composition: Each 1 kg contains:

Sodium chloride124 g
Trisodium citrate dehydrate103 g
Potassium chloride52 g
Potassium citrate50 g
Acetyl salicylic acid50 g
ascorbic acid12 g
Apple flavor20 g
Glucose anhydrous up to1 kg


  • Poultry: 1-2 gm / Liter of drinking water per day
  • Horses, cattle and camels: 25 – 40 gm / animal / days
  • Calves and foals: 10 – 20 gm / animal / day
  • Lambs: 5-10 gm / dose up to 4 times daily


  •  keep in a cool, dry place, away from sun light


  • 100 g

Shelf life:

  •  36 months from the date of manufacturing


Egyptian Jordanian company

The Egyptian Jordanian company is a fast growing company specialized in manufacturing of veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed additives and feed supplements as well as ِAgrochemicals and fertilizers. Egyptian Jordanian company cares about sources and specifications of raw materials and so that, it has very known products such as Trubond (Toxin binder oral solution), Aquapure (Anti-bacterial, gut acidifier), Munitru ( Immune-stimulator) and Coxuril ( anti-coccidial oral solution). The Company complies with GMP certificate and equipped with automated production lines that minimizes human mistakes and it produces various dosage forms whereas, it owns liquid production line, powders line and feed additives line.