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Dermanil killer for Ecto-parasites (Red mite)

Dermanil … killer for Ecto-parasites (Red mite)


Infestations with red mite represents a major ectoparasite problem in poultry and affects egg and meat production worldwide.

Compared to other poultry ectoparasites such as fowl ticks, lice and flies, mites are considered to be the most destructive ones. Particularly the poultry red mite (Dermanyssus Gallinae, also known as the Fowl Red Mite) has been identified as the most harmful one for laying hens. The title “Red” has been given to this mite as it turns from grey to red or dark red after being engorged with blood. The sucked blood is required for further development from a nymph into an adult and later for reproduction. Red mites are nocturnal (night-active) parasites which suck the birds’ blood during periods of darkness and hide themselves in all kinds of gaps and cracks during the daytime. This behavior makes the treatment of red mites harder and more complicated than other mite species.


  • Dermanil is an organic compound, it is a diatomaceous earth-based product enriched with different essential oils that have a strong ectoparasiticide effect, “100% natural”.


  • It is a safe and effective method for treatment of ectoparasites: red Mite, lice, fleas and flies. Dermanil damages the waxy cuticle on the mite’s surface, allowing them to dehydrate and die. Essential oils complex of dermanil are rapidly absorbed after dermal or oral administration and cross the blood-brain barrier and interact with receptors in the central nervous system, inhibit release of acetylcholinesterase which is essential for insects for their activity and synaptic transmission.It is entirely safe for both owners and their birds, and the mites die within 2-3 times of its application.


    1. Dusting: apply dermanil using dusting machine for dusting of 1 kg dermanil / 500 m3, dust dermanil in the coop, nests, cracks, walls, litter and on the poultryand animals, once every 2 days for 3 times within 8-10 days then repeat dusting once weekly, especially during the warmer months.


    1. Misting “Spraying”: make a suspension of dermanil in tap water 1 kg / 4 liters per each 500 m3 , spray dermanil in fine droplets on all surfaces such as cages, walls, cracks, litter, ceilings, on the body of poultry, one time every two days , repeat 3 times within 8-10 days then repeat once weekly during hot season.



  • keep in a dry, dark place

Shelf life:

  • 3 years


  • 1 kg
  • Bucket 10 kg


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