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Fertolin....Improves fertility and hatchability , eggshell quality

Fertolin….Improves fertility and hatchability , eggshell quality


  • Increases fertility and hatchability in the parents’ stock in chickens, Ducks, Turkeys and Ostriches.
  • Improves immunity, and increases resistance to diseases
  • Increases egg production and average egg size
  • Increases metabolism and improves FCR and increases weight gain in broilers flocks
  • Improves growth rate
  • Prevents and treats the diseases related to minerals deficiency such as lameness, rickets, osteomalacia


Each 1 liter contains:

Active Amount
Vitamin E 20 000 mg
Vit.C 20 0000 mg
Vit. D3 2000 000 iu
Folic acid 500 mg
Vit. B6 15000 mg
Vit. B12 150 mg
Nano Selenium 500 mg
Calcium gluconate 50 000 mg
Phosphoric acid 50 000 mg
Zinc chelate glycine 50 000 mg
Iron chelate glycine 25 g
Copper chelate glycine 10 000 mg
Manganese chelate glycine 25 000 mg
Biotin 200 mg
Propylene glycol 200 g
Purified water up to 1 liter


  • Fertolin is a Mixture of vitamins and minerals (minor and major minerals), equipped by NANO technology to improve stability and bioavailability 4 times more than normal technique of production.  improves fertility and hatchability, eggshell quality and increases egg size in the layer hens and parents’ stock


  • Poultry: 1 ml / liter of drinking water for 5-7 consecutive days
  • Cattle and camels: 1 ml / 50 kg live body weight / day
  • Calves, sheep and goat: 0.25 ml/10 kg live body weight / day
  • Dogs and Cats: 0.1 ml / kg live body weight / day


  • keep in a dry, cool place, away from direct sun light

Expiry date:

  • 3 years from the date of manufacturing


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