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Promotor-X..... growth promotor : new Idea

Promotor-X….. growth promotor : new Idea


  • Promotor-X is used in multi-floc breeding in order to obtain high production results in a short time, and also to reduce usage and to improve feed utilization, to provide good condition to the animals, and to achieve high resistance, and neutralizing the effects of production stress, and to obtain high quality of meat and milk production.
  • The mixture is particularly effective in the first days of life, as it provides increased viability and vitality of newborn animals and reduces significantly falls in the initial rearing period.


Each 1 liter contains:

L Carnitine20 g
Taurine30 g
DL Methionine15 g
L Lysine HCH25 g
Vitamin B1250 mg
Tryptophan3000 mg
Threonine3000 mg
Glycine3000 mg
L Arginine5000 mg
Sorbitol100 g
Purified water up to

1 liter


  • Promotor-X ensures proper metabolism for lipids and proteins, sufficient production of energy from ketone bodies, regulation of ammonia concentrations in blood.
  • Ataurine stimulates immune system, respiration and ATP transport system at the cell level.
  • Promotor-X proves proper functioning of the neuro-hormonal system, digestive, circulatory and reproductive systems.
  • Carnitine determines animal fitness, strength of muscles and cardiac muscle activity.
  • Promotor-X activate digestion processes by increasing the secretion of gastric juice and pancreatic enzymes
  • Promotor-X improves all production parameters such as: intensive and rapid growth
  • Shortening of fattening period, feed utilization and Improves meat and milk quality
  • Promotor-X increases milk production


  • Poultry:
  • Broilers:
  • Growth promotor
  •  Reduces fattening period in chicken, goose and Turkeys
  • Improves feed utilization: reduces feed used per kg body weight.
  • Increase vitality and viability of birds
  • Layers: quick achieving of peak of egg production as well as maintaining high egg production for a long time
  • Breeders: The blend is to be served in poor fertility of eggs, reduced hatchability, high mortality of embryos, to reduce losses due to lack of eggs. Roosters should receive mix in case of poor sperm production and decrease of their vitality.
  • Cattle:
  • Beef cattle:
  • Regular use of Promotor-X increases daily weight gain, reduces the fattening period and allows to obtain meat with low fat content and allows better utilization of feed.
  •  Promotor-X enhances immunity, relieves stress, reduces the effects of food poisoning and allows to maintain homeostasis.
  • Dairy Cows:
  • Promotor-X must be administered in any alimentary tract disturbances, circulatory system, reproductive system and neuro-hormonal system disturbances.
  • Promotor-X allows to obtain higher quantity of better-quality milk, due to more economical feed usage.


  • Horses, Cattle and camels: 20 – 30 g per animal daily for 5 days
  • Calves, Foals: 10 – 15 g per animal daily for 5 days
  • Sheep and goat: 5- 7 g per animal daily for 5 days
  • Lambs and kids: 3-5 g per animal daily for 5 days
  • Dogs and Cats: 2-3 g per animal daily for 5 days
  • Poultry: 0.5 g / Liter drinking water for 4-5 days
  • All above doses may be repeated in a regular intervals each 2-3 weeks


  • 50 g, 100 g, 500 g. 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg


  • Store in original, closed packaging at room temperature.

Shelf life:

  • 24 months from the date of manufacturing


Agres Italia.....Italy

AN TIMELESS STORY"The activity of Agres Italia has been handed down through more than a century of family tradition, from generation to generation, to the present.Our passion for animal husbandry and zootechnology has determined our success for decades in commercial and cattle selection activities.In response to the evolution of the marketplace and production systems, our family business has expanded its activities into other related sectors, particularly the development of specialised nutritional formulations, by applying our extensive knowledge and experience of zootechnical applications.The past decade has resulted in important advancements in energy efficiency, in the research of innovative sustainable matrices, and in agro-zootechnical effluent treatment systems.THE KEYS TO THE SUCCESS OF THE AGRES PHILOSOPHY:Quality A wide range of accurately formulated products. Efficiency A national network of commercial and technical managers, qualified to advise and assist in the selection of products best suited to the specific requirements of each agro-zootechnical operation. Excellent pre- and post-sales customer support. Research Ongoing collaboration with R & D laboratories in order to develop innovative products to meet the current and anticipated needs of the industry. Technology The technological expertise of AGRES Italia has facilitated the transfer of Know-How, both nationally and internationally, allowing the company to maintain the highest standards of quality and effectiveness in its production lines.