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Spectra....immune stimulant, antibiotic alternative, antiviral

Spectra….immune stimulant, antibiotic alternative, antiviral


  • Anti-viral agent: spectra has a very positive action in the control of most common viral outbreaks in poultry such as avian influenza, Newcastle disease, IB, ILT, Gumboro, and chicken anemia virus.
  • Immune modulator: via antioxidative potential of blood tissue and

Enhances both of cellular and humoral immune response

  • Improves performance through:
  1. improving feed conversion ratio (FCR) and increasing water intake.
  2. Improves Gut health (increases intestinal mucosal weight, protein and DNA content, villus height, and epithelial proliferation)


  • Spectra can be applied for the prophylactic and treatment actions against microbial infections such as E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Candida and clostridia spp.
  • Anti-inflammatory via its cortisone like action.
  • Anti-rheumatic, Anti-carcinogenic
  • Diuretic action: spectra helps the body to remove excess water, salt and toxins, helping with weight, blood pressure, digestion, and more.


    • Phenolic and flavonoid compounds
    • Essential volatile oils (Carvacrol 60 000 mg and Thymol 5000 mg)
    • Glycerrhizic acid 500 mg
    • Cinnamaldehyde 3000 mg
    • Allicin 4000 mg


  • Chickens, ducks, geese, Rabbits and Turkeys0.5 ml/ Liter of drinking water for 5 days
  • Cattle, horses and camels: 30 ml / animal daily
  • Calves, sheep and goat: 5-10 ml / animal daily
  • Dogs and cats: 2-3 ml/animal daily

Shelf life :

  •  3 years from date of manufacturing


  •  keep in cool, dry place away from sunlight


Agres Italia.....Italy

AN TIMELESS STORY"The activity of Agres Italia has been handed down through more than a century of family tradition, from generation to generation, to the present.Our passion for animal husbandry and zootechnology has determined our success for decades in commercial and cattle selection activities.In response to the evolution of the marketplace and production systems, our family business has expanded its activities into other related sectors, particularly the development of specialised nutritional formulations, by applying our extensive knowledge and experience of zootechnical applications.The past decade has resulted in important advancements in energy efficiency, in the research of innovative sustainable matrices, and in agro-zootechnical effluent treatment systems.THE KEYS TO THE SUCCESS OF THE AGRES PHILOSOPHY:Quality A wide range of accurately formulated products. Efficiency A national network of commercial and technical managers, qualified to advise and assist in the selection of products best suited to the specific requirements of each agro-zootechnical operation. Excellent pre- and post-sales customer support. Research Ongoing collaboration with R & D laboratories in order to develop innovative products to meet the current and anticipated needs of the industry. Technology The technological expertise of AGRES Italia has facilitated the transfer of Know-How, both nationally and internationally, allowing the company to maintain the highest standards of quality and effectiveness in its production lines.