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Tru-C20 .... Anti-stress, antioxidant

Tru-C20 …. Anti-stress, antioxidant


Although poultry can synthesize vitamin C, it is inadequate under stressful conditions viz. low or high temperature, high humidity, high egg production rate and parasite infestation

  • Vitamin C plays a major role in the biosynthesis of corticosterone , a primary glucocorticoid hormone involved in gluconeogenesis to enhance energy supply during stress.
  • Smaller thyroids suggest that at high temperatures, thyroid activity and subsequently metabolic rate, oxygen consumption, feed intake, and growth rate are reduced.
  • Supplemental Vitamin C attenuates these negative responses to heat stress by increasing thyroid activity, as measured by Iodine uptake, oxygen consumption, feed intake and growth rate.
  • These results suggest that supplemental Vitamin C maintains metabolic rate during exposure to high temperatures


  • Each 1 kg contains:
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)    200 gm


  •  Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water soluble vitamin.
  • It is important in forming collagen, a protein that gives structure to bones, cartilages, muscles and blood vessels.
  • It also helps maintain blood capillaries, bones and teeth, and aids in iron absorption.


  • Poultry: 0.5 – 1 gm / liter drinking water for 5-7 days
  • Other animals: 10 – 15 gm/ animal / day for 5-7 days


  • keep in a dry, dark place

Shelf life:

  • 2 years


  • 1 kg


Egyptian Jordanian company

The Egyptian Jordanian company is a fast growing company specialized in manufacturing of veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed additives and feed supplements as well as ِAgrochemicals and fertilizers. Egyptian Jordanian company cares about sources and specifications of raw materials and so that, it has very known products such as Trubond (Toxin binder oral solution), Aquapure (Anti-bacterial, gut acidifier), Munitru ( Immune-stimulator) and Coxuril ( anti-coccidial oral solution). The Company complies with GMP certificate and equipped with automated production lines that minimizes human mistakes and it produces various dosage forms whereas, it owns liquid production line, powders line and feed additives line.