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Tru - K3...vitamin K3 20%

Tru – K3…vitamin K3 20%


  • Prevention and treatment of  blood loss during coccidiosis, injuries due to cannibalism, de-beaking, prolapse and blood spots in eggs
  • Treatment of Blood loss  occurs due to coccidia, Clostridiosis, Mycotoxicosis, Gumboro and ILT
  • Enhances productivity during high peak periods
  • Prevention of bleeding during transportation and slaughtering so, it is recommended to be given to the birds 1-2 days before slaughtering date.


  • Tru-K3 is a vitamin K3, fat soluble vitamin, it plays an important role to improving blood clotting rate and stopping of bleeding in cases of Coccidiosis, Infectious larengo-trachitis disease (ILT), Gumboro and clostridia as well as de-beaking.

Composition: Each 1 kg contains:

  • Vitamin K3 ( Menadion sodium bisulphite ) ………………200 gm


  • Poultry: 1 gm / 2 liters of drinking water for 5-7 days
  • Large animals:  1 gm / 30 kg body weight


  • Keep in a dry, cool and dark place


  • 1 kg


Egyptian Jordanian company

The Egyptian Jordanian company is a fast growing company specialized in manufacturing of veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed additives and feed supplements as well as ِAgrochemicals and fertilizers. Egyptian Jordanian company cares about sources and specifications of raw materials and so that, it has very known products such as Trubond (Toxin binder oral solution), Aquapure (Anti-bacterial, gut acidifier), Munitru ( Immune-stimulator) and Coxuril ( anti-coccidial oral solution). The Company complies with GMP certificate and equipped with automated production lines that minimizes human mistakes and it produces various dosage forms whereas, it owns liquid production line, powders line and feed additives line.