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Trubond dry.... Toxin binder, New formula , Dual action

Trubond dry…. Toxin binder, New formula , Dual action

Benefits of Trubond dry feed additive:

  • Trubond dry adsorbs selected major mycotoxins and alleviates the effect of dietary mycotoxin exposure in various animal species
  • Reduces external parasites “red mite” and bacterial infections in poultry
  • Improves feed conversion with good young stock growth
  • Healthier clean appearance of stock, reduces scouring in calves and lambs
  • Cleanses the digestive tract and Supports healthy digestion.
  • Increases milk yields of up to 1.2 Liters per day, along with reduced cell counts and lowered bactoscan readings.
  • Reduces worm counts and good hoof/coat condition in equines
  • Improves immunity and resistance to diseases


  • Composition: each 1 kg contains:
    Yeast cell wall extract


    Mannan oligo saccharides ….. 50 g

    Beta Glucan                       ….. 79 g

    200 g
    Diatomaceous earth 300 g
    Bentonite 500g


  • Mode of action: Triple force action to achieve absolute protection against multi-mycotoxins contamination of feedstuffs and improving animal performance.
    1. Block and Excrete Pathogens

    The mannan of yeast cell wall has similar structure with binding site of pathogens on the intestinal wall. Thus it can competitively bind the pathogens and interfere with the binding between pathogens and intestinal wall. Furthermore, as the mannan cannot be digested by pathogens and intestinal enzymes, the tightly bound pathogen-mannan complex can be discharged from the body.

    2. Bind Mycotoxins

     Yeast cell wall has numerous characteristics as follows: Binding mycotoxins, especially zearalenone (ZEN); unaffected by the pH of the gastrointestinal tract; without changing nutritional value (regarding mineral and vitamin) in feed; no residue in animal and no negative effect on human health.

    the special space structure of yeast cell wall provides lots of binding sites for different toxins. And the intermolecular forces like hydrogen bonds and Van der Waals forces help to reinforce the binding and form polysaccharides-toxin complex, which prevents the myoctoxin being absorbed.

    Bentonite and diatomaceous earth clays have been extensively tested for their potential to complex aflatoxins and impair their gastrointestinal absorption

    The cation exchange capacity (CEC), with exchangeable K+, Na+, Mg++ and Ca++, neutralize the interlayer charges in phyllosilicates and are involved in the binding mechanism of aflatoxin B1.

     3. Improves performance

    Diatomaceous earth enhances immune cell proliferation, thus ensuring proper liver and immune system functions, improves the integrity of cell layers of intestinal epithelial cells so it reduces leakage, supporting the cell layer and the animal’s intestinal barrier function.

    Diatomaceous earth acts as a natural preservative for the feed, absorbing moisture that may cause fungus, mold or rot. Also, due to its moisture reduction capacity, it reduces clumping and prevents caking of the feed.

    Bentonite adsorbs more than 95% of Endotoxins. What’s more, the interlayer sheet structure of the bentonite contains enough binding sites to achieve a similar level of binding capacity of aflatoxin B1



    1. Feed for all animals: 1 kg / ton feed continuouslyCattle, buffalo, Horses and Camels: 20 g / animal dailyFoals, Calves, sheep and goats: 5-10 g/animal daily

      Dogs, cats: 2-3 g/ animal daily


  • keep in a dry, dark place

Shelf life:

  • 3 years


  • Bucket 10 kg
  • poly paper bag 25 kg


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