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Truvir....powerful antiviral

Truvir….powerful antiviral


  • Recommended to be used during viral outbreaks (Avian influenza, Newcastle, IB and ILT)
  • Used in times of increased environmental pollution and adverse external influences
  • Increases general performance and productivity
  • Increases of vitality and birds surviving
  • Improves appetite and feed intake
  • Normalizing breathing and improves respiratory health


  1. Components that cause lysis of the viruses and prevent replication
  • Lectins (mushroom source) 250 g / liter
  • Natural interferon boosters
  1. Immune boosters: a unique blend of herbal extract that contains 12 plant extracts:

Astragalus, Cistus, Elderberry, Oregano, Echinacea, Garlic, Chamomile, ginger, Olive leaves, Thyme, Aloe Vera and Menthol.

  1. Antioxidants: Vitamins AD3E and Zinc acetate


  • Activation of Phagocytosis of viruses: Mannose binding lectins “MBL” agglutinate or attach to viral mannose forming MBL-mannose cluster ……. Docking (moving) of phagocytes to the MBL – mannose cluster………. Phagocytosis of cluster…………… phagocytes secrete oxidase and nitric oxide synthase enzymes …………. lysis of cluster and killing of microbes
    • Natural interferon boosters: Interferon is a substance produced by the body’s white cells to fight viral infections, cancer, allergies and toxic chemical poisoning. Truvir Contains many natural substances that  activate the body’s own production of interferon, including: Astragalus, Echinacea, Biofalvonoids” Oregano” and Elderberry.

    Scope of viruses controlled by using of Truvir:

    Chicken: Avian influenza, Newcastle, Infectious bronchitis, Infectious laryngo-tracheitis, and Gumboro diseases

    Duck: Influenza and duck viral hepatitis

    Activation of Apoptosis phenomenon: Lectins activate the natural killer cells to kill infected or cancered cells to prevent other healthy cells

Benefits :

  • Drug of choice for prevention and control of viral outbreaksImproves water and feed consumptionSpray or fogging is possible especially in cases of low water consumptionPowerful immune booster


  • Prevention: 0.5 ml /liter of drinking water for 3-5 days especially in environmental adverse conditions and repeat on monthly base intervalsIn broilers: We do prefer to administer Truvir 8 hours daily continuously beginning from the day 2o until to check outOr spraying once daily in the same period: 100 ml/ 5 liter / 5000 checks

    Warning: do not use Truvir at the day of vaccination and one day before and one day after vaccination because it will antagonize the weak viruses in the vaccine and may cause vaccination failure


    Control: 0.5-1 ml / liter of drinking water 5-7 days or until mortality stops


    Note: Spraying dose in elder chicken or ducks: 200 ml/ 10 liter / 5000 Bird





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